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UESTP  (University of Engineering Science & Technology)



To improve the quality of higher education to the benefit of society, the Government of Pakistan has invited International cooperation to establish nine new Universities of Engineering Science & Technology in Pakistan (UESTP). Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, South Korea, China and Japan have been approached. To facilitate a sustainable impact of these new institutions on industry, Industrial Parks will be collocated on the same campuses and a venture fund will be established.



KTH Objectives and Goals


The specific objectives of the project include building the infrastructure and the provision of Faculty for the establishment of a world class Engineering University at Sialkot in Pakistan. The components of the project include:


KTH is considering, as a next step in its internationalization, to become the Swedish partner and to establish UESTP-KTH in Sialkot. Discussions are in progress between KTH and the University of Jönköping to establish an associated Industrial Park and a Business School, and with another partner about a Medical School. If all pieces in the puzzle come together, the campus will grow into a university town.



Sialkot and the UESTP-KTH Campus


The city of Sialkot is in the north of Pakistan, at the feet of the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir and near the Chenab river, about 125 km north of Lahore. Sialkot is a major industrial center, well-known for its manufacture and export of surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports goods, leather goods, textile products and other light manufactures. The Sialkot International Airport (SIAL) and the Sialkot Dry Port serve the region. Several Chambers of Commerce in the region expect UESTP-KTH to contribute to the expansion of existing industry and new companies, products and services.



Sialkot's Contribution


Sialkot Businessmen and exporters have contributed a special grant of 130,000 Euros from the Sialkot City Development Package (SCDP) fund for early establishment of an engineering university.





UESTP-KTH is organized in five schools or departments?

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Basic Sciences

  • Information Technology and Computer Science

  • Chemical Engineering and Bio-technology

  • Degree programs


Initially, UESTP-KTH offers four two year Master programs starting from the Bachelor level with the first admission in the fall semester 2007 and four five-year Master programs including the Bachelor level with the first admission in the fall semester 2008.



Academic Year


The academic year coincides with that of KTH. It runs from late August to early June and is divided into two semesters, the fall semester (August-January) and the spring semester (January-June).