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UESTP - Educational Activities


The educational activities of UESTP-KTH are focused on four two-year master programs and a few PhD-students starting fall 2007 as well as four five-year undergraduate master programs to be started fall 2008. 

  • Undergraduate programs

  • Five-year Master programs

 These programs will recruit students directly from high-school. The first admission is planned for the fall semester 2008. 

  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

  • Electrical Engineering, ICT and Computer Science

  • Urban Planning and Built Environment

  • Industrial Engineering and Management

PhD-education at UESTP-KTH will follow the graduate programs offered at KTH. The syllabus for each program includes a course part and a thesis part, which both are tailored to the individual student together with a main and an associate advisor, as is the funding of associated activities. The first PhD-students will be admitted during 2007.



Two-year Master programs


These programs require a Bachelor degree from an approved university for general eligibility as well as specific prerequisite requirements for each program. The first admission will be for the fall semester 2007. The programs are: 

  • Geodesy and Geo Informatics

  • ICT Entrepreneurship

  • Internetworking

  • Sustainable Energy Engineering

  • General eligibility

 Applicants should have completed their university or polytechnic level education in mathematics, science and technology as specified under special prerequisites under the description of each program. To be eligible, the student must have completed courses at the undergraduate level corresponding to at least three years of university studies from an approved university and have good oral and written skills in English.

Applicants outside the Nordic countries and European Union not having English as their native tongue nor has had English as the primary language of their studies have to have completed a TOEFL language test and obtained a minimum score of 550 (213, computer based) or an IELTS test with minimum score of 6.0. The KTH code for the TOEFL test is 7966 VHS, National Agency for Higher Education. KTH does not have a special "DEPT. CODE".



Quick-Start Fall 2007 - Master programs, Incubator and Networking Research Test-bed


Preparations are in progress to start four Master programs in Lahore in fall 2007, if the KTH board so decides, including Sustainable Energy Systems, Geodesy and Geo informatics, ICT Entrepreneurship and Internetworking. Another early priority is an incubator in which business ideas from students can be tested and taken to the next level. On the research side, proposals are developed in Communication Systems, Energy Systems, Materials and Water Resource Management.



HEC-Scholarships for students from Pakistan


The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) will arrange the GRE type test in Stockholm, Sweden for students who are already studying in Europe and desire to compete for HEC scholarships.


In particular, students having an interest in the following areas are invited:


- Information technology, computer science and electrical engineering

- Industrial engineering and management

- Infrastructure and built environment

- Chemical engineering and biotechnology


KTH-UESTP will offer four two-year Master programs starting fall 2007 and four five-year Master programs starting in fall 2008. Until the Sialkot campus opens in 2009, the students in the five-year programs will study at KTH in Stockholm, while the two-year programs will use temporary facilities in Lahore