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UESTP-(University of Engg,                  Science & Technology)

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UESTP - Goals & Objectives



The combination of education, research and collaboration with companies and organizations outside the university will be a key component in the UESTP-KTH development plan. By mixing the three areas, the ambition is to create a front line research, education and development environment where different disciplines work together to solve real problems.


In a longer term perspective, the project is expected to:

  • Produce world class 1240 (1000 MSc & 240 Ph.D) graduates annually after implementation of the project.

  • Undertake fundamental and applied research & development projects aimed at wealth creation in the long, medium & short term.

  • Promote a sustainable development of a technologically trained society.

  • Faculty capable of providing consultancy to enhance industrial growth around Sialkot and throughout Pakistan.

  • Recover its development project cost in 10 years in term of HRD and benefits to the economy. Quantitatively, approximate annual benefit to the economy is expected to be Rs. 5.000 billion.


HEC Objectives and Goals


HEC has an allocation of funds for the next five years in the MTD Framework. The project falls under the head “Infrastructure & Human Resource Development” in the 5 years plans for higher education. Establishment of Engineering University in collaboration with the world class foreign engineering universities is in line with the Government’s priorities to give emphasis to higher education. Simultaneously, the project would help in achieving the objectives of the MTDF Plan. (b) The project is proposed to be funded from the PSDP allocation of the HEC.



Quantify Objectives


The specific objectives of the project include building the infrastructure and the provision of Faculty for the establishment of a world class Engineering University at Sialkot in Pakistan. The components of the project include:

  • Development of 500 acres of Land already provided in Sialkot, free-of-cost by the Punjab Government.

  • Civil Works: Total covered area of 3447183 sq ft will be constructed for 5500 students, administration offices, students’ hostels, accommodation for foreign & local faculty.

  • Human Resource Development 500 (335 PhD & 165 MSc) will be trained at KTH, Sweden, to meet the qualified faculty requirement of the university with high level qualifications.

  • Swedish services including project development, Faculty & Admin Cost: Hiring of qualified faculty & support staff (local/abroad) for the university.


Departmental Labs 

  • Fully equipped undergraduate teaching labs & postgraduate research labs will be established to meet the requirements of courses, related to 4 engineering & one humanities & basic science department.

  • Establishment of Wired / Wireless Networks, Computerization, Automation & Video Conferencing for the university.

  • Built-in scholarships for students -

  • Furnishing of academic, administrative & housing facilities

  • Library books, journals & internet access.

  • Transport facilities for students and staff

  • Project Staff for execution of the project

  • Self generation power Units of various capacities will be provided.

  • Provision of consultancy services for master planning survey and detailed BoQs for the Campus.